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Overdraft Services

Ensure your account has sufficient funds to cover payments and purchases and avoid the embarrassment of declined transactions.

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Overdraft Protection

Link your personal checking account to a Regular Savings, PREMIER Money Market or an eligible Line of Credit. A $12 Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee will be assessed every time the bank automatically transfers the available funds. This fee does not apply to Reward Checking customers or to any manual transfer, which is completed online, in person or by calling Customer Care. To add overdraft protection to your account, speak to a personal banker.

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Debit Mastercard® Overdraft Service

By choosing to add this service to an account, we may approve transactions, beyond your available balance for ATM and everyday Debit Mastercard transactions1. If this service is not added, we will decline all ATM and everyday Debit Mastercard transactions that do not have sufficient funds.

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Additional Tips to Avoid Overdrafts

  • Use direct deposit to ensure your paycheck is deposited faster
  • Keep a sufficient cushion to cover anticipated expenses
  • Forecast spending around automatic bill and loan payments



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  • Monitor account activity with text and email alerts
  • Check your balance real-time via online and mobile banking



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an overdraft?

Overdrafts occur when you spend more money than you have in your checking account.

How can I avoid overdrafts?

To avoid account overdrafts, here are some useful tips:
• Use direct deposit to ensure your paycheck is deposited faster 
• Monitor account activity with email and SMS account alerts
• Check your balance real-time via Online and Mobile Banking
• Use a First PREMIER Bank savings account or line of credit for overdraft protection so you have it when you need it most

Which type of overdraft coverage do I need?

The type of overdraft coverage depends on what type of protection you're looking for:
• Savings Overdraft Protection - coverage will depend on the available funds in your linked savings account 
• Line of Credit Overdraft Protection - coverage will depend on the available credit in your linked credit line

Why does First PREMIER Bank offer Debit Card Overdraft Service?

An individual can find themselves in a situation where they don’t have enough money in their account to cover a debit card transaction. At First PREMIER Bank, we believe you should have a choice. To avoid what could be a potentially embarrassing situation, we encourage you to sign up for our Debit Card Overdraft Service.


{1} NSF Fee Charge (Non-sufficient funds) is $34.00 per item paid or returned, up to a maximum of four per day; if an unpaid item is resubmitted to us for payment, an NSF fee may be charged each time, which may result in multiple NSF fees for the item. Overdraft Charge (Continuous NSF) is $5.00 per business day that the account remains overdrawn.