PREMIER Recognitions

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We Appreciate Our Employees

Recognizing and rewarding success is part of the PREMIER culture. Surprise bonuses, gift cards, Apple watches,
TVs, and wireless earbuds are just a few of the ways we say thank you and job well done.

First PREMIER Bank

Eagle and PREMIER Performer Awards

When someone soars above and beyond for PREMIER or the community, we recognize them. Eagle Service Awards are given to those with extensive community involvement and job performance. A PREMIER Performer is an associate that meets or exceeds all required job performance goals.

Presidents Awards

This is the most prestigious award given to PREMIER employees. Recipients demonstrate the highest level of professionalism and proactively look for ways to better themselves, mentor others and work as a team.

First PREMIER Bank

First PREMIER Bank

Gifts & Bonuses

We value people. One of the ways we show it is by being generous to our dedicated employees. PREMIER has been known to give electronics, restaurant gift cards, PREMIER store credits, bonuses and other fun gifts throughout the year.

Milestone Recognition

The greatest testament to the culture at PREMIER is the longevity of our employees. Every year we recognize the milestone anniversaries – 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 40+ years of service – of dozens of employees. We’re so grateful for their dedication and service, as well as their commitment to working The PREMIER Way.

2023 Milestones
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