Our People

At First PREMIER Bank and
PREMIER Bankcard, we are
committed to putting people first.

Caring About Culture

CEOs Miles Beacom and Dana Dykhouse

We believe when employees feel valued and appreciated, they are more engaged and bring a level of enthusiasm, innovation and commitment that contributes to the success of us all. PREMIER’s leadership works together to set a path and vision for the entire organization.

At First PREMIER Bank, we have people of all ages and from all walks of life and cultures. By exhibiting the PREMIER Attitude and following The PREMIER Way, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible banking experience. At First PREMIER, it's about developing personal relationships and doing what's right for you.

Investing in People

Opportunities for Growth - Professionally and Personally

At PREMIER, you’ll find opportunities for personal and professional growth, community service and healthy lifestyle challenges. PREMIER University provides skill-based training, leadership classes and fun, motivational speakers. PREMIER's Kick Start initiative is a multi-dimensional wellness program that promotes the overall well-being of our employees. You’ll also find many opportunities for career advancement. If you want more than a starting wage, visit our online career center. 

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First PREMIER Bank

First PREMIER Bank

Making it Easy to Make a Difference

PREMIER promotes a spirit of volunteerism by offering paid volunteer hours and encouraging employees to get involved in causes important to them. We also look for ways to provide opportunities to our employees. This could be serving meals at community banquets, hosting track and field meets or volunteering our time with Junior Achievement. 

Our Communities

Milestone Anniversary Celebration
PREMIER Recognitions

We want our employees to know how much we value and appreciate them. It may be a surprise bonus, a nice gift or a special award for a job well done.

Leadership Team at Dave Matthews Concert
PREMIER Celebrations

We like to celebrate our success with private concerts, car giveaways, outdoor bashes and more. PREMIER hosts employee celebrations like no one else, because we have employees like no one else!